i3-sponsored Calit2 Undergraduate Summer Scholar Research Projects

UCSD Calit2 is a non-academic university research unit where researchers from different disciplines come together to study and develop new technology to address needs and issues in our economy and society. The UCSD Calit2 Summer Undergraduate Research Scholar Program provides college students with the opportunity to perform hands-on research under the guidance of a UCSD faculty advisor over a 10-week period. The student can either assist in an ongoing research project or propose a new project.

The International Innovation Initiative (i3) provides sponsored support to the following undergraduates' research projects for Summer 2013:

We are pleased to announce our 2013 Summer Scholars!

Kevin Chen

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Todd Coleman

Project Title: Mechanical Rigidity and Electronic Reliability of Serpentine Structures on Epidermal Electronics

Johanna Fleischman

Department: Bioengineering

Advisor: Todd Coleman

Project Title: Diabetes management through the control of gentically altered insulin-producing cells

Michael Galarnyk

Department: Nanoengineering

Advisor: Jospeh Wang

Project Title: Microrockets for Autonomous Cleanup of Pesticides

Cory Heath

Department: Nanoengineering (Electrical Engineering)

Advisor: Shadi Dayeh

Project Title: A Novel Patch-Clamp Platform for Parallel and Massive Cell Potential Measurements

Behnam Hedayatnia

Department: Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Truong Nguyen

Project Title: A real-time body viewing technology for medical and consumer applications

Adlai Katzenberg

Department: Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Joseph Wang

Project Title: Nanoengineering Biologically Compatible Nanomotors for In-Vivo Capture and Transport of Cancer Cells

James Tang

Department: Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Todd Coleman

Project Title: Advancing Epidermal Electronics for Robust Wireless Operation

Christopher Yang

Department: Bioengineering (Biotechnology)

Advisor: William Song

Project Title: Influence of Dose Rates on Survival in Respiration-Induced Mobile Liver Tumor Cells during Stereotatic Body Radiation Therapy