Development of Object Segmentation Technology for 3D Information

Develop object segmentation/detection methods for obtaining 3D information

PI: Truong Nguyen | International Partner: KETI

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  1. Object segmentation based on contextual information and probabilistic models
  2. Feature fusion for object segmentation
  3. Target detection for obtaining 3D information

Example Image: 3D reconstruction example by object segmentation
Example Image: Object segmentation example using contextual information


Truong Nguyen, Professor/Vice Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering; Director, International Innovation Initiative (i3); Ph.D. 1989 from Caltech.

Image/video processing and communications; 3D video; wavelets and filter banks.


Professor Nguyen on Real-Time 3-D Video Processing

Professor Belongie inserts a filter into a segmentation machine.

Prof. Nguyen and Ph.D. student Subarna Tripathi.