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Ryan Kastner and Rajesh Gupta | International Partner: TLi

The TLi Thunderbolt project is an effort to add support for the Intel Thunderbolt protocol to existing display controller ICs within the TLi product line. TLi can then offer Thunderbolt functionality to its partners that manufacture flat panel displays. TLi is in the process of obtaining the Thunderbolt specifications. Additionally, TLi and UCSD will investigate PCI Express protocol, display protocol and their integration.


Ryan Kastner, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering; Ph.D. 2002 from UCLA.

Reconfigurable computing, VLSI computer-aided design, sensor networks, radiolocation, computer architecture, security, embedded systems and optimization algorithms.

Website: http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/faculty/...

Rajesh Gupta, Chair/Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering; Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Microembedded Systems; Ph.D. 1994 from Stanford.

Embedded systems and mobile computing, including the integration of software and hardware to make computers more portable and energy efficient ('power-aware' computing).

Website: http://mesl.ucsd.edu/gupta/

The project seeks to integrate PCI Express protocol and display protocol into the TLi product line