High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers for 4G LTE Systems

Leveraging advanced transistor technology for improved efficiency of basestation power amplifiers

PI: Peter Asbeck and Don Kimball | International Partner: KETI

This project is directed at developing next-generation high efficiency base station power amplifiers for 4G LTE systems and beyond. UCSD and KETI will jointly develop RF power amplifiers based on GaN transistors that operate in switching mode for high efficiency. Algorithms and architectures that lead to the required linearity in switching mode operation, including envelope tracking, outphasing and Class S, will be examined theoretically and experimentally. Low loss and compact passive devices such as circulator and coupler, will be developed by KETI for application in the power amplifiers.


Peter Asbeck, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering; Skyworks Solutions Endowed Chair in High Speed Semiconductor Devices and Circuits ; Ph.D. 1975 from MIT.

Design and development of high-speed transistors and integrated circuits, power amplifiers and opto-electronic devices using compound semiconductor materials and heterostructures.

Donald Kimball, Principal Development Engineering, UCSD Division, Calit2; CTO, MaXentric Technologies, LLC; M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Ohio State

Wireless communications systems, including design of wireless transmitters and receivers at the physical layer; high-efficiency power amplifiers; linearization schemes; power management; and electromagnetic compatibility.