Electric Vehicle Component Technologies

Forging a Korea-U.S. program to reduce energy use in automotive electric devices, ICS, and modules

PI: Vish Krishnan, Hyo-Duk Shin, and Angela Chen | International Partner: KATECH

The electric car industry has come to the forefront in recent years with start-up and small to mid-sized makers of electric vehicles and their component technologies well-poised to become industry leaders in the automotive manufacturing market. To assist KATECH research of electric vehicle market and regulatory governance analysis, with the aim of establishing an international cooperative program between Korea and the USA for energy reduction of automotive electric devices ICs and modules, 3 efforts are identified jointly between Calit2 and the Rady School:

  • Market and Product Optimization for EV Component Technologies - Primary Research and Report
  • Supply Chain Optimization for EV Component Technologies} - Primary Research and Report
  • Consumer and Regulatory Engagement Modeling for EV Market ecosystem - Primary Research implemented into an interactive end-of-year exhibit for KATECH's demonstration day at Calit2.
  • Lead Korea Organization: KATECH
  • US Organization: CalIT2 – UCSD (Angela Chen anc003@eng.ucsd.edu)


Vish Krishnan

Hyo-Duk Shin

Angela Chen

Vish Krishnan presents a Tesla Motors case study

Rady School of Management