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About i3

Calit2's International Innovation Initiative fosters internationally-funded solutions to interconnected global problems in health, energy, environment, and culture.

The International Innovation Initiative (i3) is Calit2’s approach to international engagement at UC San Diego linking foreign governments and companies with US companies, NGOs and universities. Furthering Calit2's mission in bridging world-class laboratory research into starts-ups and established industry leaders, i3 connects people from international governments and companies to US companies, NGOs, and universities. Together, each stakeholder draws on their entrepreneurial ideas and resources to create real technologies and research outputs that foster positive change and innovation in the real world.

Internally at UCSD, i3 seves as liaison between Calit2, faculty of UCSD departments and professional schools and UCSD leadership to help define and build innovation-generating projects appropriate for funding by international sponsorship. i3 keeps the university engaged in all relevant activities and provides coordination for key programmatic projects to ensure integration and coordination throughout UCSD. Representing Calit2's interests information technology-enabled digital transformation when coming up with solutions in a variety of settings, i3 maintains an active research program in data access/sharing, bioinformatics, environmental studies, and international partnership building.

Externally, i3 builds strategic partnerships with academic, governmental, public and private institutions (national and international), and key relationships with funding agencies and foundations.

We listen and learn from companies who are using the technologies of focus(and usually have the solutions). We manage 22 high profile pilot projects with our partners in Korea. International engagement reflects the various entrepreneurial approaches at UC San Diego and UCSD's own composition of international and domestic talent. The international aspect of the i3 fellows program channels research to industry pipelines and enables international interactions amongst academic researchers in applied fields across the schools of UCSD. As a proactive force, i3 takes the lessons learned from the pilot project to help develop and implement in next year’s cohort. We’ve grown on the philosophy that innovation can be international and be a force for good in the world.

Located in Atkinson Hall, i3 provides classroom, work, and meeting space for participants as well as business development programming--conferences, classes, programs focused on innovation. I3 also operates as an incubator of international startups.

The broader goal is to be a home for entrepreneurs at UCSD as well as a place for gestating international startups as a revenue source. We focus on delivering four pillars of support to international entrepreneurs: access to knowledge, access to mentorship, access to resources and access to networks. To better serve entrepreneurs, we help develop new models of product launch and delivery and, conversely, we facilitate the creation of opportunity for UCSD faculty and students. Encouraging entrepreneurship and commercialization across all of UCSD’s various schools - arts and sciences, engineering and applied science, business, law - as well as leveraging UCSD’s unique strengths in telecommunications, information technology, bioengineering, and life sciences as recognized by the international community to bring in annual revenue - is key to our sustained success and beneficial for San Diego’s industrial ecosystem.

Professor Truong Nguyen speaks with international delegates

Korea-USA Convergence Conference ribbon cutting 2012

i3 manager Angela Chen and Calit2 director Ramesh Rao give a campus tour to i3 visitors

Meeting space in Atkinson Hall

i3 manager JJ Hwang chats with project staff at a quarterly social event

Prof. Paul Yu's lab during testing

Prof. Peter Asbeck

Tom Defanti, Jurgen Shulze and collaborate on a campus-sponsored CSRO

i3's social computing for sustainability undergraduate research meeting

Atkinson Hall, home of Calit2's i3

i3 headquarters in Atkinson Hall

We are located in beautiful La Jolla, San Diego.